Classroom Expectations

The following is a list of things that I expect of my students, EVERYDAY!

            I expect students to….

      come to class with the required materials.

       work hard on their OWN homework

       be in their seats when the bell rings.

be respectful, not talk when someone else is talking.

not bring candy, food, or drinks to the classroom. (I will allow water if the container has a lid)

respect other people’s property and space. 

stay in their seats until the bell rings. Do not line up at the door.

not swear in my classroom. They will receive discipline points for any cuss word I hear in class or the halls.

not sit on the desk or counter.

not open the doors on the cabinets unless I ask you to do so.

not turn on the faucets unless you receive permission from me.

have fun this school year!