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Topic 8-Adding Two-digit numbers: Students will learn to regroup ten ones for a ten, model addition of two digit and a one-digit number, add with a number-line, add two-digits with one-digit and two,       two-digit numbers, add more than two numbers, and add in various ways.  Topic 8 test will be Thursday, December 14th.  We will also take a Benchmark Test over topics 4-8 on Dec. 14th.

Topic 9-Subtracting Two-Digit Numbers: Students will learn to regroup a ten for ten ones, model subtracting one and two digits from a two digit number, subtract with a number-line, use addition to check subtraction, and use a variety of methods to subtract. Topic 9 test will be in January.

 Reading Skills:

Lesson 13:  Nov. 27th-Dec 1st: “Schools” Skills:  Author’s purpose, analyze/evaluate text, vowel digraphs ee, ea, using a dictionary, and using quotation marks.

Lesson 14:  Dec. 4th-8th:  “Helen Keller” Skills:  main idea & details, summarizing, long o (o, oa, ow), using proper nouns, and using the –ly suffix.

Lesson 15:  Dec. 11th-Dec. 15th:  “Officer Buckle and Gloria”.  Skills:  cause & effect, compound words, the schwa vowel sound, abbreviations, and dictionary entries.



List 13:  (test date:  Friday, Dec. 1st):  free, teach, teeth, please, beach, wheel, team, speak, sneeze, sheep, meaning, weave, eat, read, between, reason

List 14:  (test date:  Friday, Dec. 8th):  own, most, soap, float, both, know, loan, goat, flow, loaf, throw, coach, so, grow, swallow, ocean

List 15:  (test date: Friday, Dec. 15th):  cannot, pancake, maybe, baseball, playground, someone, myself, classroom, sunshine, outside, upon, nothing, into, inside, nobody, everywhere



Chapter 4 “How Living Things Grow and Change”  Students will learn how to apply knowledge about life processes to distinguish between living and nonliving things, describe how organisms change as they grow and mature, and that all living things have offspring that resemble their parents.

Life cycle:  The way a living thing grows and changes.

Nymph:  A young insect that looks like its parents but has no wings.

Seed coat:  The tough outer covering of a seed.

Germinate:  To begin to grow into a young plant.

Seedling:  A young plant.

For the test the students will need to know that living things grow and can be a parent; that some baby animals have things that are alike and things that are different from their parents (The students should be able to tell how baby giraffes are alike and how they are different from their parents.).  They need to know the life cycle of a sea turtle and that a young horse is called a foal.  They need to know that a seedling looks like a small plant and has roots, stem, and leaves; young plants are usually shaped like their parents and all people change as they grow. 

Chapter 4 test will be in January.


Specials:  MondayPE/Music   Tuesday: Library       Wednesday: Guidance or Art/Library

  Thursday: PE/Music  Friday: PE/Music    



I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Please make sure your child dresses for the weather!  We go outside if at all possible. Weather can change throughout the day, so always be prepared. 

            Check out the Mayor’s Christmas tree if you get a chance.  The 2nd and 5th grade classes made decorations for the tree.

            You can order a yearbook through the office or online at and enter code 22822B. 

Dates to remember: 

December 1st:  November Book-Its are due.  Mayor’s Christmas tree lighting.

December 2nd:  Holidays in Wellsville.

December 6th and 8th:  PTO BOGO book fair.  PTO Parents’ Night Out is on the 8th.

December 13th:  Ugly sweater/dress for the holidays day. 

December 20th:  Holiday party 2:10 If you would like to organize the party for us let me know.  Otherwise, I will send reminder notes of what you signed up to bring next week.  

It is also the end of the second quarter.  Grade cards will go home in January.

December 21st-January 3rd: Winter Break No school –Enjoy!

January 4th:  School resumes.                                                                                                            



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