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February Monthly Message


Topic 11: 3 Digit Addition and Subtraction: Students will use modeling, estimating, and using mental math to solve 3 digit addition and subtraction problems. They will also solve 3-digit addition and subtraction problems when regrouping is required. Topic 11 test will be February 26th.

Topic 12: Geometry Students will learn the differences between flat surfaces, vertices, and edges. They will also be relating plane shapes to solid figures, polygons and angles, whole and equal parts, dividing rectangles into equal squares, and equal shares with different shapes. Topic 12 Test will be in March.



Lesson 19Jan. 30th - Feb. 5thThe Signmaker’s Assistant- Skills:  text and graphic features, synonyms, words with ar, commas in dates/places,      

Lesson 20:  Feb. 6th – 12th: “Dex the Heart of a Hero” Skills: compare and contrast, prefix over-, words with or and ore, commas in a series

Lesson 21:  Feb. 13th-21st“Penguin Chick” Skills:  Main ideas and details, dictionary entry, words with er, and what is an adjective?

Lesson 22: Feb. 22nd-Feb. 28th:  “The Story Julian Tells” Skills:  Understanding characters, idioms, homophones, base words and endings (-er, -est) and using adjectives

Lesson 23:  March 1st -7th“The Goat in the Rug” Skills:  summarizing and drawing conclusions, multiple meaning words, suffixes (-y, -ly, -ful), tion & ture as final syllables in words, and irregular verbs



List 19:  (test date: Feb. 5th):  car, dark, arm, star, park, yard, party, hard, farm, start, part, spark, art, jar, carpet, and apartment

List 20:  (test date:  Feb. 12th) horn, story, fork, score, store, corn, morning, shore, short, born, tore, forget, for, more, report, & force

List 21:  (test date: Feb. 21st):  father, over, under, herd, water, verb, paper, cracker, offer, cover, germ, master, fern, ever, remember, and feather.

List 22:  (test date: Feb. 28th):  meet, meat, week, weak, mane, main, tail, tale, be, bee, too, two, sea, see, threw, and through.

List 23: (test date: March 7th):  helpful, sadly, hopeful, thankful, slowly, wishful, kindly, useful, safely, painful, mouthful, weakly, jumped, saying, quickly, and wonderful.




        Chapter 6:   “Earth’s Weather and Seasons” Students will learn about kinds of weather, the water cycle, seasons, and kinds of bad weather.  Test will be approximately Feb. 28th. Water cycle-the movement of water from Earth to air and back to earth again

Evaporate-to change from liquid to a gas

Condense-to change from a gas to a liquid

Migrate-to move from one place to another in a regular pattern

Hibernate-to spend all winter sleeping or resting

Lightning-a flash of electricity in the sky

Tornado-very strong wind that comes down from clouds in the shape of a funnel

Hurricane-a storm that starts over warm ocean waters that has hard rain and very strong wind


For the test your child will need to know that snow falls in cold weather, flowers bloom and plant leaves turn green in spring, air is hot and there is lots of sunshine in the summer, seasons repeat yearly, hats, gloves, and coats are needed in winter, hurricanes have heavy rain, strong winds and form over oceans, thunderstorms have heavy rain, lightning and can be dangerous, animals migrate to warm weather where they can find food, and what to do at home during a tornado.



Our Valentine’s Day party will be on Wednesday, February 14th at 2:05. I will be contacting those of you who signed up to provide things for the party.




 Monday: P.E./Music  Tuesday: Library  Wednesday: Art or Guidance/Library   Thursday:  P.E./Music 

Friday: P.E./Music 

Dates to remember:


Thursday, February 1st: January Book-Its are due.

Monday, February 5th:  Dental Health Presentation

Wednesday, February 14th: Valentine’s day Party 2:05 pm

Wednesday, February 14 & 15th: Parent/Teacher Conferences 3:30-

7:00 pm.  Each of you should have a scheduled time.  If that time doesn’t work for you, please let me know asap so we can find a time that does work. PTO will be having a Book Fair during conferences.

Friday, February 16th: No School for elementary students only.

Monday, February 19th: No School.

Friday, February 23rd:  Box Tops are due.


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