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Alice Training

Safety in our schools information

I wanted to share some information with our community about professional development our district has had in the past and what will be happening on April 16th this year.

Our schools have been focused on learning in many ways.  One area we have taken to heart is keeping our students and staff safe.  Almost two years ago, all of our staff went through a training on the ALICE program.  This training prepares our teachers for an active intruder into our schools. ALICE stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate.  More information about ALICE is at  Once we had this training, we then updated our crisis plan to reflect our new way of dealing with an intruder.  Just putting this down on paper is not enough so on April 16th, an inservice day, we will practice what we learned.  We will be having an active shooter drill with our staff and a few invited students at the high school. This drill has been in discussion since September, before any of the past shootings happened this year.  I am not excited about having to practice something like this, but I do believe I would rather be prepared than need to react to a situation.

We have had other trainings as well.  Stop the Bleed was a program that prepared our staff for emergency action needed for injuries that might happen in our schools.  They have learned how to stop a victim from bleeding, able to apply a tourniquet, and how different wounds are to be treated. Elizabeth Layton Center trained our staff in how to deal with mental wellbeing of our students.  This training taught us what to look for when a student may be having a difficult day and how we are to react. It also taught us how and when to refer students who may need more help. I believe once a student feels safe at school, it creates a better learning atmosphere and makes it much easier to succeed.  

This past summer we also updated our cameras and door locks.  Each building now is covered by cameras. Keeping our doors locked at all times is also very important.  When anyone is to come into our buildings, they must first be allowed to come into our buildings through the office areas. We continue to work with staff to keep our students safe while at school.  

Once again, on April 16th we will be having an active intruder drill at the high school.  It will involve, Wellsville Police, local Drs. Office, local fire department, Franklin County EMS, Franklin County Sheriff’s office, Ransom Memorial Hospital and possibly Highway Patrol.  There will be many emergency vehicles around our high school this day. Once this drill is completed, we will be given information about how to get better at our job of keeping our students safe.  We will also send out information to our students and parents via PowerSchool next week.

Should you have questions, please ask.  Our building administrators are always aware of the trainings and able to answer questions.  You can also ask me your questions.


- Jerry Henn



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