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Topic 14: Money Students will be adding with money, subtracting money, and estimating sums and differences.  Test date: April 12th.


Topic 15: Students will be exploring lengths in inches, centimeters, yards, and meters. They will also add and subtract measurements. Test date: May 1st.




Lesson 26:  April 3-9th:  “The Mysterious Tadpole” Skills:  Story structure, setting, infer and predict, multiple-meaning words, contractions, and words with oo, ew, ue, ou.

Lesson 27:  April 10th-17th:  “The Dog that Dug for Dinosaurs” Skills:  Fact and opinion, synonyms, adverbs, possessive nouns, and words with oo.

Lesson 28: April 18th – 24th:  “Working in Space” Skills:  Headings and captions, Classifying/categorizing, possessive nouns, vowel diphthongs ow, ou.

Lesson 29:  April 25th- May 1st“Two of Everything” Skills:  Understanding characters, antonyms, possessive pronouns, long vowels a and i, and vowel diphthongs oi and oy.




List 26: (test date:  Monday, April 9th)  root, crew, spoon, few, bloom, grew, room, you, stew, boost, scoop, flew, zoo, noon, shampoo, balloon

List 27:  (test date:  Tuesday, April 17th):  took, books, foot, hoof, cook, nook, hood, wood, stood, shook, crook, cookbook, look, good, & crooked, bookcase

 List 28: (test date:  Tuesday, April 24th):  cow, house, town, shout, down, mouse, found, loud, brown, ground, found, pound, flower, out, now, towel, & pounce

 List 29: (test date:  Tuesday, May 1st):  aim, snail, bay, braid, ray, always, gain, sly, chain, shy, bright, fright, tray, try, contain & thigh


Science:    Chapter 9 Test will be approximately April 18th.

        Chapter 9:   “Energy” Students will discover what energy is, why energy is important, what is solar energy, how people get energy, different sources of heat, and other kinds of energy. 

Solar energy-heat and light from the sun

conductor-something that lets energy flow easily

source-a place from which something comes

reflect-to bounce back

fuel-anything that is burned to make heat or power

energy-the ability to do work or make change

shadow- made when something blocks the light

       For the test your child will need to know what solar energy is, where people and animals get their energy, wind and sound are both kinds of energy, energy is anything that can do work and cause change, when sunlight passes through raindrops the light bends and separates the colors to form a rainbow, a metal pan is a conductor of heat but oven mitts are not, how shadows are created, and electricity safety tips.  They will also have to write how heat can be made.  Examples are rubbing hands together, burning a candle or other things such as wood, oil, or gas.



Please make sure your child is working toward their 4th quarter AR goal.  The students need to get their tests taken early in the quarter if possible since library books are all due back by May 4th.





Monday: P.E./Music 

 Tuesday: Library Wednesday: Art or Guidance/Library   Thursday: P.E./Music 

Friday: P.E./Music 


Dates to remember:

4/2 – March Book-Its are due.  March was the last month for Book-It.

4/3 -  School Librarian Appreciation Day

4/4 – Para Professional Appreciation Day

4/16 - No School, teacher inservice

4/27 – Last day to check out library books.

4/28 – PTO Garage Sale Fund-raiser

5/4 – All library books are due back!



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