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Uninterruptible Power Supply E-Rate 2019

E-RATE Year 1920 (2019-2020}


Nine Uninterruptible Power Supply  (UPS)

470 # 190007201

USD 289 School District

602 Walnut Street
Wellsville, Kansas 6609


Wellsville School District E-Rate Internal

Connections Proposal


Procurement Timeline

RFP Issue


















Service Provider Criteria and Contract Requirements



Signed copy to be returned with bid response.


The Telecommunications Act of 1996 established a fund by which Schools and Libraries across the Country could access discounts on eligible telecommunications products and services. The program is commonly known as the E-rate Program. The eligibility for discounts on internet access, telecommunications products and services, internal connection products, services and maintenance is determined by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Funding is made available upon application approval by the Schools and Libraries Division (SLD) of the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC), which was established by the Act. The amount of discount is based on the numbers of students receiving free and reduced price meals.



The project herein is contingent upon the approval of funding from the Universal Service Fund's Schools and Libraries Program, otherwise known as E-rate. Even after award of contract(s) and/or E-rate funding approval is obtained, the District may or may not proceed with the project, in whole or in part. Execution of the project, in whole or in pa rt, is solely at the discretion of the District.


The District expects Service Providers to make themselves thoroughly familiar with any rules or regulations regarding the E-rate program.


  1. Service Providers are required to be in full compliance with all current requirements and future requirements issued by the SLD throughout the contractual period of any contract entered into as a result of this RFP.


  1. Service Providers are responsible for providing a valid SPIN (Service Provider Identification Number). More information about obtaining a SPIN may be found at this website: ult.aspx


  1. Service Providers are responsible for providing a valid Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Registration Number (FRN) at the time the bid is submitted. More information about obtaining an FRN may be found at this website:

htt ps://


  1. Service Providers are responsible for providing evidence of FCC Green Light Status at the time the bid is submitted. Any potential bidder found to be in Red Light Status will be disqualified from participation in the bidding process and will be considered non-responsive. More information about FCC Red and Green Light Status may be found at this website:

ht tp:// debt collection/welcome.html


  1. Products and services must be delivered before billing can commence. At no time may the Service Provider invoice before July 1, 2018.


  1. Prices must be held firm for the duration of the associated E-rate Funding Year(s) or until all work associated with the project is complete (including any contract and USAC approved extensions).


  1. Goods and services provided shall be clearly designated as "E-rate Eligible". Non­ eligible goods and services shall be clearly called out as 100% non-eligible or shall be "cost allocated" to show the percentage of eligible costs per SLD guidelines.


  1. Within one (1) week of award, the awarded Service Provider must provide the District a bill of materials using a completed USAC "Item 21

Template". Subsequent schedules of values and invoices for each site must match Item 21 Attachment or subsequent service substitutions.


  1. In the event of questions during an E-rate pre-commitment review, post­ commitment review and/or audit inquiry, the awarded Service Provider is expected to reply within 3 days to questions associated with its proposal.


  1. The awarded Service Provider is required to send copies of all forms and invoices to the District prior to invoicing USAC for pre-approval. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in the District placing the vendor on an "Invoice Check" with the USAC­ check.aspx


  1. Services providers must comply with the FCC rules for Lowest Corresponding Price ("LCP"). Further details on LCP may be obtained at USAC's

website:­ corresponding-price.aspx




  1. The Service Provider acknowledges that no change in the products and/or services specified in this document will be allowed without prior written approval from the district and a USAC service substitution approval with the exception of a Global Service Substitutions.


  1. The Service Provider acknowledges that all pricing and technology infrastructure information in its bid shall be considered as public and non-confidential pursuant to §54.504 (2)(i)(ii).


  1. The Service Provider acknowledges that its offer is considered to be the lowest corresponding price pursuant to§ 54.511(b). Should it not be the lowest corresponding price, the service provider must disclose the conditions leading to the applicant being charged in excess of lowest corresponding price.


  1. This offer is in full compliance with USAC's Free Services Advisory There are no free services offered that would predicate an artificial discount and preclude the applicant from paying its proportionate non-discounted share of costs. The service provider agrees to provide substantiating documentation to support this assertion should the applicant, USAC, or the FCC request it.




The annual E-rate Funding Year begins on July 1 and expires on June 30 of each calendar year. Regardless of the contract "effective date", E-rate eligible goods and/or services requested in this RFP shall be delivered no earlier than the start of the 2018 funding year (July 1, 2018). If Category 1 services (Telecommunication Services and Internet access) will begin on or shortly after July 1 of a funding year, the service provider, in some cases, may need to undertake some construction and installation work prior to the beginning of that funding year. Within the limitations indicated below, the infrastructure costs of a service provider can be deemed to be delivered at the same time that the associated Category 1 services begin. That is, if services begin on July 1, then the delivery of service provider infrastructure necessary for those services can be considered as also delivered on July 1.





Category 2

There  is  one condition that allows USAC to provide support in a funding year for Category 2 installation costs incurred prior to that funding year.


We also amend our rules  for  category  two  non-recurring  services  to permit applicants to seek support for category two eligible services purchased  on  or after April 1, three months prior to the start of funding  year  on  July 1.  This  will provide schools with the flexibility to purchase equipment in  preparation  for  the summer recess and provide the maximum  amount  of  time  during  the  summer  to install these critical networks.


For more information, please refer to the FCC Report and Order and Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking {FCC 14-99, released July 23, 2014). This FCC decision only applies to Category 2  services {Internal Connections).




  1. The Service Provider agrees to bill and receive a portion of the payment for the provisions of goods and services described herein directly from USAC via the Form 474 Service Provider Invoice {SPI). The District will only be responsible for paying its non-discounted share of costs and does not intend to use the BEAR process (Form 472). The maximum percentage the District will be liable for is the pre-discount amount minus the funded amount as shown on t he FCC Form 471 Block 5 and any identified ineligible costs. Upon t he successful receipt or posting of a Funding Commitment Decision Letter from the SLD and submission and certification of Form 486, the District shall pay only the discounted amount beginning with the billing cycle immediately following said approval. Alternatively, should the District decide that it is in the best interest of the District to file a Form 472, the District will inform the Service Provider of its intent.


  1. All Service Provider invoicing to USAC must be completed within 120 days from the last day of service. Should the Service Provider fail to invoice USAC in a timely manner, the District will only be responsible for paying its non-discounted share.



The E-rate program requires that all records be retained for at least ten (10) years from the last date of service provided on a particular funding request. Respondent hereby agrees to retain all books, records, and other documents relative to any Agreement resulting from this RFP for ten (10) years after final payment. The District, its authorized agents, and/or auditors reserves the right to perform or have performed an audit of the records of the Respondent and therefore shall have full access to and the right to examine any of said materials within a reasonable period of time during said period.



During the term of any Agreement resulting from this RFP, the District may elect to procure additional or like goods and/or services offered by the Respondent. Such services shall be negotiated and obtained via an official amendment to this Agreement and approval by the District' s Governing Board. All terms, conditions, warranties, obligations, maintenance and support of said goods or services shall have a coterminous expiration date with the original date of this Agreement. The District shall not enter into a separate Agreement for said goods or services.


Respondents must state in their proposal that they acknowledge, accept and are in agreement with coterminous expiration conditions.



I, the undersigned, as an authorized agent of                                                                                                                                        (Service Provider Name), hereby certify that I have read the E-rate Supplemental Terms and Conditions, am fully compliant and intend to cooperate with the E-rate process as outlined above.


Signature: -------------- Title:  --------------


Phone  Number:------------  Email:  -------------

Service Provider Name:--------------------------




For convenience in designation on the plans or in the specifications, certain articles or materials to be incorporated in the work may be designated under a trade name or in the name of a manufacturer.

Whenever in specifications any materials, process, or article is indicated or specified by grade, patent, or proprietary name or by name of manufacturer, such specification shall be deemed to be used for the purpose of facilitating description of material, process or article desired and shall be deemed to be followed by the words "or equal," and service provider may, unless otherwise stated, offer any material, process or article which shall be substantially equal or better in every respect to that so indicated or specified. Burden of proof as to equality of any material, process or article shall rest with service provider. Service Provider shall submit request together with substantiating data for substitution of any "or equal" item within the response by the closing of bids. Provision authorizing submission of "or equal" justification data shall not in any way authorize an extension of time of bid response.

Please note: All "or equal" components must not void and must be supported by

corresponding manufacturer warranty.


The District retains the right to be sole judge as to whether equivalency has been proven and whether alternatives will be accepted.




No refurbished equipment is acceptable.


The District has standardized on Cisco Catalyst, however, equivalent products are acceptable. If proposing equivalent products, please submit data verifying equivalency with proposal.


The quotes provided must include all materials, equipment and accessories required to furnish a complete data electronics system as indicated on the parts list.


In addition to equipment pricing, the district wishes to have delivery of each component to its designated secured location.

Service Provider must meet the following qualifications to be considered for award. Documentation regarding the following qualifications MUST be included in the Service Provider's proposal. Non-inclusion of applicable documents is basis for disqualification.

1.   All proposals need to include tax and shipping as separate items in the response.



Prospective Service Providers are required to submit the following:

  1. Service Provider's SPIN number
  2. Service Provider's FCC Registration Number (FRN).
  3. "Equipment list" completely filled in

Failure by Service Provider to supply these documents shall be considered grounds for disqualification.

Award of Contract


The District does not guarantee an award of a contract(s) and it reserves the right to select the firm(s) that it considers to be in the best interest of the District. Award of contract is contingent upon the approval of funding from the Schools and Libraries Universal Service Administrative Company ("USAC").


The District reserves the right to award none, some, or all of the proposal. For instance, if a response exceeds the E-rate funding limits set by USAC, the district may choose to only award up to the E-rate funding limit, less or more.


The District reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals, to negotiate with any or all responsible submitters, and to waive any informality in the Proposal. Firms submitting proposals shall be responsible for any and all expenses that they may incur in preparing proposals.


Request for Proposal Preparation Cost


Costs for preparing responses and any other related material is the responsibility of the VENDOR, and shall not be chargeable in any manner to the DISTRICT. The DISTRICT will not be held liable for any cost incurred by VENDORS in responding to the RFP.



The District, in compliance with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules, will award to the vendor(s) providing the most cost-effective service offering. Per the Sixth Report and Order, FCC 10-175, FCC rules dictate the following:


§ 54.503 (c){2)(vii) All bids submitted for eligible products and services will be carefully considered, with price being the primary factor, and the bid selected will be for the most cost­ effective service offering consistent with § 54.511.


§ 54.511 Ordering Services (a) Selecting a provider of eligible services. In selecting a provider of eligible services, schools, libraries, library consortia, and consortia including any of those entities shall carefully consider all bids submitted and must select the most cost-effective service offering. In determining which service offering is the most cost-effective, entities may consider relevant factors other than the pre-discount prices submitted by providers, but price should be the primary factor considered.


Therefore, the District may consider factors other than price alone in the consideration of bids; price for E-rate eligible goods and services will be the primary factor considered.






Total Points Available


Cost of E-Rate eligible goods and services



Cost of ineligible goods and services



Compatibility with district’s exiting network



 Vendor quote meets district's minimum specifications



Experience with district



Ability to deliver service at start of funding year











All inquiries must be submitted via email to by the deadline on Page 1. Please reference 470 # 190007201 in the subject line.

All Addendum(s), question will be answers will be posted to the district’s website at

Insert Website here


in addition to the E-rate EPC website at


Please "Follow" the Form 470 to receive all EPC updates pertaining to the Form 470.




Submission via Mail or hand delivered


All proposals must be submitted to the contact information below by the deadline indicated on Page 1.


Contact Information:

Attention: Sherry Bousman

602 Walnut Street
Wellsville, Kansas 66092




Proposals must be cl earl labeled in the subject line

Wellsville District E-Rate Internal Connections Proposal

It is the sole responsibility of each respondent to ensure all submittals and attachments are received by the District before the deadline. The District assumes no responsibility for transmission failures.


Verification of receipt can be made by contacting Walt Wehr at



Right to Reject Any and All Quotes


The District reserves the right to reject any or all quotation submittals and to waive any informalities or regularities. The Service Provider's quotation submission is recognition of this right.


In addition, the District reserves the right to fund, (proceed with project or purchase) or not to fund, regardless of E-Rate approval.





Please include any other manufacturer's models with equivalent specifications to those listed here.


Please submit Quotations by school, as well as a summary page, and include the following:



The Wellsville school district USD289 wishes to purchase nine UPS Battery Backup, Uninterruptible Power Supply or equivalent for the wiring closet.  



School District.


     High School

Four UPS Battery Backup, Uninterruptible Power Supply to supply power for up to 2 hours for four Cisco WS-C3560X-24P that has a Default AC Power Supply 750 W and Available PoE Power 435 W



     Middle School

One UPS Battery Backup, Uninterruptible Power Supply to supply power for up to 2 hours for four Cisco WS-C3560X-24P that has a Default AC Power Supply 750 W and Available PoE Power 435 W


     Elemantary School

Four UPS Battery Backup, Uninterruptible Power Supply to supply power for up to 2 hours for four Cisco WS-C3560X-24P that has a Default AC Power Supply 750 W and Available PoE Power 435 W



Part #


Price Per Item

E-Rate Eligible


E-Rate Ineligible


Total Price

Wellsville is replacing a Uninterruptible Power Supply to supply power

Please include any manufacturer's models with equivalent specifications to those listed here








What Manufactory/Model


















Freight / Shipping




Grand Total





This section will be used for question and answer

E-RATE Year 1920 (2019-2020}


Nine Uninterruptible Power Supply  (UPS)

470 # 190007201

USD 289 School District

602 Walnut Street
Wellsville, Kansas 6609


Question 1

I am trying to prepare a bid for this project. Is there specific requirements for the kVA for the UPS’s? do they need to be line interactive or online double conversion? Do they need to be rack mountable?

Answer 1

As for Rack mounted do not care one way or the other, we do have them on racks.

All we need is a device that can power up to 4 Cisco WS-C2960S-48FPS-L for an hour.