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first week of school

Welcome Back to WMS! I am looking forward to meeting all of my brand new seventh grade students who will be walking into this building and room 207. During the first week of school I will be learning my students’ names and teaching them our classroom procedures.  I am so excited to tell you that USD 289 English Language Arts (ELA) classes will be using iReady this year and they will be taking a diagnostic test (one that shows where their strengths are) on the brand new Chromebooks that all ELA classes will also have this year. 

During the first week of school my students will familiarize themselves with his/her new schedules, teachers,  friends, and their teams (if they are involved with a sport). Seventh grade is such an exciting time, it is also one where many students are involved in school athletics for the first time. They will work hard at practice for that first big game where they put on the WMS uniform and hold their heads high as they take the field, the court or the course . . . Go Eagles! This is also a great time for students to learn more about juggling their schedules. 

I am thrilled to meet your children, I am looking forward to the first week of school, the new curriculum, the new technology that we have available to us, and seeing how all of us will SOAR like Eagles at WMS.