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Course Syllabus--Middle Science

8th Grade Science

Wellsville Middle School

Course Information: 2017-2018

Mr. Barry L. Richards


(785) 883-2057 Ext# 3121

Period 8th

Room 112

Plan—5th Hour






Course Description

 The middle school science curriculum will follow the Next Generation Science Standards.  Students will be learning study skills, reading strategies, and communication techniques that will help prepare them for high school and beyond. Topics covered in 8th grade science will come from Earth Science, Physical Science, and Life Science and include the following:


Earth and Its Solar System, History of Planet Earth, Human Impacts on Earths Systems, Global Climate Change, Nuclear Processes, Stability and Instability in Physical Systems, Biogeology, Information Processing, Natural Selection, Adaption, Evidence of Common Ancestry and Diversity, Ecosystem Dynamics, Social Interaction and Group Behavior, Biodiversity and Humans


In the all of the sciences, students will focus on developing understanding of several scientific practices.  These include developing and using models, planning and conducting investigations, analyzing and interpreting data, using mathematical and computational thinking, and constructing explanations.  These practices align with the Next Generation Science Standards.



Classroom expectations




1.Be on time.

2.Be respectful.

3.Be prepared.

4.Work hard.



Materials and Texts


Students will be provided with a text book that will remain in the classroom. It is the Holt Science & Technology Earth Science textbook.  A three ring binder will also be needed for the class. Lessons will also involve power points and note taking. Students should have a scientific calculator---there is a classroom set in the room.


Types of Assignments


1.   In class participation—worksheets, note taking, group work

2.   Homework/labs

​3.   Tests/quizzes

​4.   Group projects, presentations, etc

5.   Final exam.


Guidelines for Term Grading


      Grading is based on total points accumulated.  Tests and quizzes will be

       a larger percentage of their grades.



Semester/Final Grades


      Semester grade + final exam (15%)

(Same for second semester)



Assignment/Make Up Policy


MISSED ASSIGNMENTS ARE YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!  It is your duty to talk to me about the assignment as soon as you return.  You may also email me. 

MAKE UP WORK is designated for students who have excused absences.  If you are absent and it is excused, you must speak to me about any make up work.

LATE WORK—I require all work to be completed and turned in and it will be up to teacher discretion on the amount of credit given for late work.




Plagiarism and/or cheating will not be tolerated.  There are severe consequences for those involved with academic dishonesty.


I have read the course syllabus for 8th Grade Science.  My signature below indicates that I understand the requirements and policies for this course and agree to adhere to them throughout the school year.   I am aware of the expectations and my enrollment in the class indicates that I am prepared to meet those expectations.



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Barry Richards--Alg 1

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