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Laurel Ladewig



Career Cruising

My name is Laurel Ladewig and I am the new Career Counselor at WHS. This year, I will get to utilize Career Cruising with your student! Career Cruising is an Internet ­based career exploration and planning tool used by your son or daughter to explore career and college options and develop a career plan. Career Cruising can be accessed from school, from home, or wherever your son or daughter has access to the Internet.


Throughout the year, I will be able to work with your student in the classroom to find out their interests, explore various career options, search a variety of post-secondary schools, and research financial aid and scholarships. This fall, I will meet with your student one on one to discuss their results and interests to help determine their best path forward at WHS.


Not only am I excited to meet with every student, it is also our goal to meet with each family once a year in the spring. This meeting will be a collaborative approach to planning out your student’s future at WHS and beyond. We have a variety of educational opportunities at WHS, and I am eager to build a partnership with each student and family to help determine the best fit for your son/daughter.


Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns at or call at 785-883-2057 ext. 1145.


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Laurel Ladewig

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