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About Sheri Bentley

I have been teaching Language Arts to seventh grade students at WMS since 2007 and I have loved every moment of it! There is nothing quite as rewarding as seeing the looks in my students' eyes when they "get it." Prior to teaching at WMS, I taught freshman English and READ 180 for seven years at Topeka High in Topeka, Kansas.

My three sons are grown and two of the three are raising families of their own now. I love spending time with our grandchildren. I'm happy gardening at home with the all of the beautiful flower beds and vegetable gardens that my husband has made for me. I also love canning all of the vegetables that we grow. My grandma always used to say, "That'll sure taste good next winter," and she was right.

One of my favorite hobbies was barrel racing and pole bending. Rudy was a three year old when I purchased him. He's now 28 and he's beginning to show signs of his age. I also enjoy riding my bicycle, taking my dog for walks, reading books that my students recommend to me, attending educational workshops and going to really neat places during summer vacation. 

Sheri Bentley

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