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I am Jerry Henn USD 289 Superintendent.  I am now starting my fifth year as superintendent. I started my career as a math and computer teacher and then moved into administration. 

Education has been a very rewarding career for me.  I enjoy watching students excel and learn.  They are the driving force to why educators do what they do! There have been many changes in education as time has evolved.  Computers have become a major element for our students.  Now with mobile devices, the challenge has become even greater for educators to keep current.  USD 289 continues to move forward with technology.  Technology has been a major priority of this district.  USD 289 is getting closer to have technology in everyone hands has been a goal for USD 289.

The budget this year will be different as some money has been approved by the state of Kansas.  I have been very pleased with how our teachers, administrators, and classified staff have flourished under tight budget restraints.  The Board has been very frugal with the expenditures within our district.  They have always put our students first in any decision they make.  I am very pleased to be a part of this school district.

Please feel free to contact the central office should you have questions about Wellsville schools. 

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