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Wellsville FBLA competitors Tori Broers and Hailey Watson (2015 WHS graduates) and Ashtyn Rottinghaus (senior this year) all came back from the 2015 FBLA National Leadership Conference in Chicago, Illinois as winners.  Not only did they compete against over 8,500 top business students from across the nation, but there were also students from the European Department of Defense, China, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Haiti.  With advisers and guests, there were over 12,000 people at the conference.  (If you are interested, here is a link to a video we created that shows Ashtyn's National Treasurer speech, the national Awards of Excellence Award Ceremony with the Local Chapter Annual Business Report win and the Partnership with Business win

Hailey Watson competed in Job Interview and Ashtyn Rottinghaus in Public Speaking II and Local Chapter Annual Business Report.  Tori Broers, Hailey and Ashtyn together competed as the Partnership with Business team.  To top things off, Ashtyn campaigned for the National FBLA Treasurer position, as well.
The Wellsville FBLA Partnership with Business Project team placed 2nd in the nation with their report and presentation.  They created the report based off of the activities they do for the Chamber of Commerce for Wellsville Days and Holidays in Wellsville. They also included how they used to assist with the Hallowesta event. The team won $100 for the project, as well. There were approximately 85 teams entered into this event.
Ashtyn Rottinghaus created the Wellsville FBLA Local Chapter Annual Business Report.  As REPEAT National Champions, it is extremely hard to do, especially considering national headquarters revamped the Local Chapter Annual Business Report to only 15 pages this year instead of 30. There were over 130 reports submitted.  Ashytn also won $1,000 for the Wellsville FBLA chapter. So once again, we are the top FBLA chapter in the nation.
Wellsville FBLA now has its FIRST national officer, as Ashtyn Rottinghaus was elected to the position of National FBLA Treasurer.  She initially was up against 5 candidates, but two switched to run for different offices and two dropped because they didn't feel their qualifications were as strong as other candidates.  Although she became unopposed, it didn't mean she automatically won the position.  She completed a rigorous application, gave a speech in front of 12,000 people, caucused before all of the FBLA presidents and vice presidents from every state and campaigned for two days, while still competing in three other events and performing her role as the Kansas FBLA President.  There were two other unopposed candidates in different positions who DID NOT get elected. This is an exciting step for Kansas FBLA to have a National Treasurer. Although she is the first National FBLA Officer in Wellsville history, Ashtyn, the Kansas FBLA State officer team, and the kids from across Kansas who helped to campaign ran a great race.
Right now Ashtyn is in Washtington DC at national headquarters doing her national officer training.  They are working on the national program of work and on Thursday she has appointments set up to speak with Senators Jerry Moran and Pat Roberts and Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins all at their offices on Capitol Hill. She will be discussing the importance of Career and Technical Student Organizations, Carl Perkins funding and educational funding in general.  This is an amazing opportunity for any student.  A special thanks to the teachers, administration, board and staff who support the activities of the FBLA kids at Wellsville.  There is no way we could be as prominent in FBLA as we are without your support.
Dawn Rottinghaus
July 15, 2015