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About Mike Trendel

When I was a towheaded lad getting ready to begin kindergarten, I
fell in love with the possibilities learning had to offer. I loved the feeling that
filled my soul as I clutched a Big Chief Tablet or as I opened my box of Crayola
Crayons. I loved the sense of anticipation that tickled me as I opened my school
supply box, which was armed with a plethora of writing, art, and creative utensils.
I still love having the tools of creation at my disposal, and I still love school and
the prospect of learning something new.

Today continue to be a lifelong learner, and more importantly, I wanted
to become a better teacher. In the words of Jack London, “You can’t wait for
inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.” This is the same drive and
passion that led me to the following experiences during the past few years:
Devouring a muffuletta at Central Grocery in the French Quarter, canoeing an
eighteen mile stretch of the Mississippi River, immersing myself in the art and
history of barbequing, studying Southern cuisine, and learning about the history
of the America West. Life is a huge buffet table with a wide array of tasty dishes,
and I have every intention of bellying up to the table and gorging myself on the
experiences that exist.

Today I love my job more than ever. I’m lucky and grateful to have
a job that I love going to every day. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to work
with you. Most days I feel good about the job I’m doing; however, there are days
where I feel inept, like I’m trying to drive nails with a jagged rock. However, the
greatest thing about this job (and this life) is that there’s always a tomorrow to be
a better person and teacher.

Mike Trendel

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